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Information Hot Stone - Massage

The hot stone massage is not only of Asian origin. Throughout Asia, Pacific and American regions it is handed long times ago. In Germany, it is usually applied only with Indian origin. In the U.S. it is claimed, the warm-stone massage originated in Sweden, where actually this massage is largely unknown. In fact, the treatment has been with hot stones in all parts of the world developed independently. In Asia, the placing of hot stones before the colonization of the Polynesian countries known to the general origin of this method and the healing nature of shamanism is attributed.

The term "La Stone" means lava stones, dating back to the use of volcanic rock in Hawaii. The "La" mentioned in the name La Stone is also consistent with the Tibetan word for life energy. In the treatment the client lays on a few of the stones named layout stones. Others will be placed on the body. With other stones the client will be actively massaged. These stones are also particularly used for frictions.

It is possible to knock with a stone on the muscles or strike repeatedly. Thus massage stimulation pulses are set, similiar to vibrations.

In addition to the effects of the massage itself and the muscle relaxant effect of heat, particularly the contrast of heating and cooling has an effect on the autonomic nervous system. This massage can be associated with an aroma therapy, so that in addition to the above-mentioned effects also valuable, natural essential oils come as a relief for the whole body.